Parent Magazine Volusia November 2019 | Page 7

FROM THE VOLUSIA COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD story about these colonists feasting with 90 Native Americans, sharing their respective harvest and deer, remains integral to the way Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Giving thanks and sharing what we have with family, friends, and with those who are in need is part of our American culture. Thanksgiving presents a wonderful opportunity for parents to teach children about how to be appreciative for what they have. This is a great time to tell stories about people helping other people. Children need to learn these values at home and the holidays are a perfect time to teach. A m I alone or do you agree November is just a feel good month? When we reach November, the holiday season is about to begin and another year is about to end. Perhaps, this is the best time to reflect on what has occurred this year and what are the prospects for 2020. One thing is for sure, children love the holidays. This time of year, there are many fun filled activities happening at our schools. Some of these will take place in the classrooms and others in the form of extra curricular concerts, plays, and other events. As we get nearer to Thanksgiving, stories about pilgrims and Native Americans will prevail in elementary classes. In secondary schools, social studies classes may include more depth on the history of the first Thanksgiving, in 1621, at Plymouth Colony. While only 53 out of 102 colonists survived the Mayflower trip and made it through that first winter with the help of the local Wampanoag tribe, the We are all grateful Hurricane Dorian spared our community. I know students, teachers, and parent were happy to learn the school district did not have to make up the days lost to the storm, which would have been the three days before Thanksgiving. The reason for this is because the District had included extra instructional time within the 180 day schedule. Whew! As the Chair of the Volusia County School Board, I wish all parents a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you will share the meaning of the holiday with your children. This is a time to reflect and be grateful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Sincerely, CARL PERSIS CHAIR, VOLUSIA COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD VIS IT U S ONLI NE AT WWW.PARE NTM AGAZINE FLORIDA .COM V O L U S I A parent M A G A Z I N E | 5