Paranormal Life Sept 2014 | Page 7

The victim awakes later, sometimes with slower motor skills, under the impression that the voodoo priest now controls their actions. Many believe that priests use this concoction for slave labor. The only reason the victim may feel controlled is due to their strong belief in the religion. In actuality, the priest holds no real power over them.

The “Zombie Powder” is a mixture of a skin irritant, tetrodotoxin, and some other pretty nasty stuff including, but not limited to animals and human remains. The skin irritant makes the person itch and breaks the skin while the tetrodotoxin seeps into the blood stream and causes the person’s body to enter the aforementioned paralyzed, coma-like state. Why there are spiders and human remains - we aren’t sure…. possibly just to make it a little creepier?

So while you may be saddened by the fact that these zombies are harmless, don’t throw out the zombie apocalypse gear yet. You never know when a freak accident causing a zombie-virus outbreak might just occur