Paranormal Life Sept 2014 | Page 10

It’s that time of year again when children gather up their school supplies, stuff them into their backpacks, and head for the bus. Most of the excitement is finding out what teachers you’ll have, making new experiences, and seeing old and new friends. Most hope that a new friend will come with a pulse, but that might not be the case if you’re studying at one of these known haunted schools.

Channing Elementary School

This elementary school in Elgin, Illinois has a grim location: right on top of the first cemetery of Elgin. Not all of the bodies were removed when construction began and residents of the town can recall seeing human remains and pieces of coffins pulled up from the ground. Now there are reports of voices, doors opening and closing by themselves, and custodians that have fled the building in terror. Bodies have also since been discovered and rumor has it that most of the people buried in the cemetery were children.

Corriher Lipe Middle School

Located in Landis, North Carolina, this middle school is said to be haunted by none other than children. Their soft voices can be heard throughout the school; some say this is because of a fire that killed many children long ago. And, joining the children is a janitor by the name of Larry that likes to open and close doors.

Hollywood High School

Located in the famous city of Hollywood, there is a tragic love story that seems to haunt this high school. According to the story, teen love must have gone horribly wrong when a young male student hung himself in the theater where his former sweetheart used to attend class. There are also stories of a dead teacher, a student who died in the pool, and of course, a former janitor.

Pennsylvania State University

Many of the buildings on this university’s campus seem to have paranormal activity. In Brumbaugh Hall, for example, there is an urban legend of an axe murderer who killed several girls, and to this day, the students still avoid the building on Halloween. Poltergeist activity is also reported in many spots including the Keller Building due to a student who committed suicide and in the Patee library for another that was stabbed. Some spirts have calmed, such as “Old Coaly,” a pack mule that had been stuffed and put on display, but many remain very active – especially, it is said, on the 3rd floor of Runkle Hall and in the Scwab Auditorium.

So, while you’re learning a thing or two in your classroom, you might learn a thing or two about its grim past. Keep your eyes open and listen out for students who whisper of hauntings in the halls. We’ve only listed a handful here, but you may be surprised to discover just how many schools are haunted.

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