PanPastel Lesson Plan No.2 - Page 3

LESSON PLAN Cloudscape with PanPastel 5. As students build the base form of the clouds they should clean off their sponge on a paper towel and pick up some Titanium White 6. At this point students should now begin working on the land area of the picture. Using Sofft Knife/Cover or Sponge bar to pick up Chromium Using a Sofft Knife or Sponge Bar pick up a small amount of Burnt Sienna Tint (740.8) and add it to the left side of the cloud forms. Students may also mix with some Black (800.5) at this time to create a darker shade. (100.5) PanPastel. Add the white to the top portion of the clouds. Oxide Green Shade (660.3) build a hill form at the bottom of the page. FREE ONLINE PAINTING WORKSHOP AT PANPASTEL.COM Deborah Secor (100% PanPastel) Surfaces PanPastel can be used on most surfaces, from smooth to textured, including: 4Drawing Papers 4Vellum 4Canvas 4All Pastel Surfaces 4Printmaking Papers 4Watercolor Papers 4 Wood 4 Handmade & Delicate Papers 7. Using White add any highlights to the top and middle portion of the cloud forms. Students should now use Sofft Tools to go in and clean up any areas that need to be detailed. painting drawing mixed media 3