PanPastel Lesson Plan - Handcoloring Lesson Plan No.4 Hand-Coloring Joomag - Page 3

Using the kneaded eraser to remove color that may have been applied outside the edge of the flower. Layering Diarylide Yellow Shade over Hansa Yellow with the applicator. (This step is optional…it just gives the image a little more depth.) Applying Turquoise Shade in the shadow areas of the flower. Kneaded Eraser Gently erasing excess color with the kneaded eraser. Using the tip of the applicator to remove excess Turquoise Shade onto the paper towel. Using the tip of applicator to fill in the stem with Bright Yellow Green Shade. FINISHED PRINT Using the edge of the Sponge Bar (Wedge) to add Titanium White to the highlights (the applicator can also be used to add white). 3 painting drawing mixed media