PanPastel Lesson Plan - Handcoloring Lesson Plan No.4 Hand-Coloring Joomag - Page 2

LESSON PLAN Hand-Coloring Digital Photographs Materials list is provided on page 1. Black & white print taped on to the board. Original photograph by Dianne Poinski - download print: Lift PanPastel Color by swiping the Sofft Applicator over the pan’s surface, then wipe off any excess color on a paper towel. SEE CLASSROOM TIPS ON PAGE 4 Using the sponge bar to blend color going from the inside of the flower to the edge. Applying Hansa Yellow with the applicator. Moving from the inside of the flower to the edge. Using the tip of the applicator to carefully fill in color on the edge of the flower. Download & Print: Lesson Plans: Photograph (Poppy) by Dianne Poinski: Apply Pastel Color Like Paint 2 ®