PanPastel Catalogue - Page 19

Surfaces PanPastel Colors are very versatile and work well on all non-glossy surfaces - from smooth / low tooth papers to toothy / textured surfaces and everything in-between. Note: Each surface will give a different final result. On smoother surfaces the color lays down in more transparent layers. On textured surfaces the color is more intense as the tooth “grabs” more color from the sponge. Experiment with many different surfaces. Vellum Marker Paper Printmaking Paper Watercolor Paper Canvas Pastelbord® Sanded Pastel Paper Wood VIDEO WORKSHOP WITH KIT 30075 DELICATE PAPERS Because PanPastel is a dry color medium it can also be used on very thin & delicate papers, like tissue paper, which would normally bleed and buckle with wet paint. Front Donna Downey PanPastel stenciled over tissue paper Pastelbord® is a trademark of Ampersand Art Supply Use on most art surfaces - from smooth to textured WET COLOR Reverse PANPASTEL 18