PanPastel Catalogue - Page 18

More Mixed Media STENCILS Using templates & stencils is a quick and easy way to add pattern and effects to mixed media projects, including encaustics. ACRYLIC GROUNDS PanPastel can be applied over many grounds including acrylic grounds for a multitude of mixed media effects. Useful for three dimensional objects. Crackle Paste Micaceous Iron Oxide Fiber Paste Pastel Ground TIP Use masking tape as an easy way to create straight edges and lines. “ Donna Downey PanPastel on modeling paste 17 DONNA DOWNEY PanPastel Colors make painting easy, quick and for some reason they make me feel free. I can do things with PanPastel that I couldn’t think about doing with paint and the fact that they are erasable... AWESOME! “ VIDEO WORKSHOP WITH KIT 30076