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PanPastel works well on digital ( ink-jet & laser ) papers , so it is the perfect medium to hand-color digital prints and photographs .
The ability to apply controlled transparent layers of color allows the print underneath to show through .

PanPastel has made it possible for me to continue to hand-color my digital photographs . I was thrilled when I discovered the ease and convenience of PanPastel .

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Dianne Poinski “ Illuminated “ PanPastel Hand-Colored Ink-Jet Photographic Print
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Convert any image to black and white using Photoshop or similar photo editing software .
Print image on good quality ink-jet paper ( non-glossy ). Using a Sofft Tool e . g . Applicator ( 63070 ), apply PanPastel color lightly to image , building up transparent layers .
TIP Apply thin transparent layers . Before applying remove any excess color from the applicator on a dry paper towel .

I first began using PanPastel shortly after I started shooting with a digital camera . For years I printed fiber based prints in the darkroom and used photo oil paints on these prints . Since I was now printing pigment prints on cotton rag paper , using oil paints was no longer an option .
Other methods I had seen of coloring digital prints with pastels did not have the same translucent quality that the oil paints possessed . It was this quality that I was not willing to give up and PanPastel was the answer .

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