PanPastel Catalogue - Page 16

Mixed Media ENCAUSTIC PanPastel Colors are a quick and easy way to add color to encaustic artwork. PanPastel can be used with both the clear (unpigmented) encaustic medium & encaustic paints. An easy way to start using PanPastel for encaustics is to use a stencil or template (a basic knowledge of encaustic painting techniques is required): Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch Stencil 1. 2. Prepare surface by applying While the surface is clear encaustic medium as still slightly warm - position template or stencil. Apply normal. Fuse with heat gun. PanPastel color over stencil. 4. Once cool, apply a transparent layer of encaustic paint, then fuse and build further layers as desired. “ Fuse with heat gun. PanPastel will become permanently “fixed” in the medium, once it cools. Using PanPastel on the final layers of an encaustic painting. Adding Pearlescent PanPastel for shimmer PATRICIA BALDWIN SEGGEBRUCH I am doing things very differen H