PanPastel Catalogue - Page 15

Mixed Media MIXED MEDIA Great for mixed media including: 4 Pencils 4Pastel Sticks 4Inks 4Acrylics 4Acrylic Grounds 4Watercolors 4Encaustic 4 Polymer Clay 4 Markers PanPastel can be used with other artist’s media COLORED PENCILS PASTEL STICKS A great way to add super-fine details to a PanPastel painting is to use colored pencils. PanPastel is compatible with colored & pastel pencils. Soft pastel sticks can be used to add texture, opaque details & highlights to the final layers of a PanPastel painting. Colored pencils, markers & pens are great for adding super-fine details WET MEDIA Soft pastel sticks & PanPastel PanPastel Colors can be used over watercolors, inks etc once dry. Sofft Tools can be used with any water-based artist’s medium - eliminating the brush stroke for smooth marks and glazes. TIP For wet wash techniques with PanPastel add 25-50% rubbing alcohol to water for best results. IMPORTANT! Do not apply wet tools, fluids or mediums to pan’s surface. Liquids should only be applied to color on the working surface. PanPastel allows me the freedom to use tools such as the Sofft sponges to add to my mark-making. With a Sofft sponge loaded with color I am able to make a swathe on the paper surface which can stand alone or become a layer to hold pencil or stick. The area can be fresh and alive with just the PanPastel alone. More layering is possible if desired. “ “ SYDNEY MCGINLEY Sydney McGinley “Woman in Patterned Wrap” PanPastel with some pastel stick details 14