PanPastel Catalogue - Page 14

Painting The principles of painting with PanPastel are very similar to painting with other mediums, except that the colors are dry rather than wet. Which brings many advantages - PanPastel is instant, doesn’t require water or solvents, combines well with other media and will work on almost any surface. UNDERPAINTINGS A great way to begin using PanPastel for paintings is to lay down an underpainting. For example blocking-in for a landscape. BACKGROUNDS SKETCH MIX & APPLY Practice with simple studies - for example a detail such as an eye. (Watch this Donna Aldridge demonstration on 13 Using direct and deliberate marks, begin painting. Tip: Lift the applicator once the mark has been made to avoid over-blending i.e. don’t overwork. FREE ONLINE PAINTING WORKSHOP AT PANPASTEL.COM Deborah Secor 100% PanPastel Donna Aldridge 100% PanPastel Using Sofft Knife (with cover) sketch the outline for the painting. (Watch Deborah Secor’s painting workshop at Blend colors one into the other to create a gradated effect as a base to build on with PanPastel and/or other media.