PanPastel Catalogue - Page 13

“PREMIER COUP” DVD AVAILABLE I use different PanPastel Colors for my initial block-ins for my Premier Coup (Alla Prima) oil painting studies, because they offer the artist a multiple of dry color set-ups in which you can really build up beautifully rich texture and pure color oil paint strokes. No more melting into an underpainting’s wash. DAVID KASSAN “ “ ALLA PRIMA David Kassan “Aubrey” PanPastel Black & Sofft Knife No.4 with General Pencil White Charcoal Pencil I’ve been using PanPastel now for the past 6 years, I started using them for the basic block-ins for my charcoal drawings, because they offer the artist a painterly expressive approach to handing an otherwise linear approach. PanPastel has really changed the way I make paintings and drawings, it has given my realist work an expressive foundation on which to build on. “ “ DAVID KASSAN 12