What parents need from others when they have a child with special needs

As a parent of 3 children with medical needs as well as a forth with no issues, I see everyday the misunderstanding from others whose children face no appointments, no long trips to and from hospitals, no operation dates hovering over their heads, no fear of ridicule from others because they are different. Parents of children who have extra needs face everyday the fear that others are looking down at their child or them and their parenting. Cruel judgements sometimes voiced openly or within earshot. The child may still be in nappies long after the normal age not to be has passed or the child has to have a support person meeting their needs when away from the parent.

Parents of children with needs need to know that they are doing a great job. They need to know that others out there have an open mind and a understanding that the child may not behave the way their children do. Their child may appear normal but carry a serious illness or defect.

They need to know that friends are going to be there when the time gets tough and not hear its simply because it makes the other

person feel better. Actions speak louder than words.

Even when we as parents deny we need help because

we have to appear strong in front of our children, yet

we are often crumbling at the seams. We fear everyday

our children may become seriously ill or to the edge of

death. Everyday we walk on egg shells of our self.

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