Just as parents continue to be parents for their children till they themselves grow old and die. OR a greater assurance that healthy contact is given with parents or not at all in that case if there are past caregivers who continue to some way to be there for the child then this should be support and built on. The importance seen in regards to maintaining extended family connections should hold far more strength than it currently does. If neither is available then insure the HFL is indeed just that .. A Home for life, not hampered by things that have a better chance at failure than success.

One of the greatest injustices are cases where cyf got it wrong. A letter saying sorry never repairs what was taken away. Never returns the family to what it once was. Be it family or caregiver placement that was broken.

Before one more teen steps out the door of a home, boarding school or whatever the department has an obligation to insure a healthy net is there for them. This doesn't always mean rebuilding contact with parents once considered unsafe, this may mean building on a relationship that was once secure.. Genetic or not. Insure teens are prepared for the real world and how to survive out there. Sorry but getting them on benefits, helping them find a flat isn't enough. Repair the damage to their inner thought process that may hinder them for the rest of their life./allegation or need that brought them into your working life.

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