Palestine Magazine Spring Edition 2021 - Page 7



Holding to what matters

When the world shut down in March of 2020 , my kids and I were making our way across country in a car packed so full that things were falling out every time we made a stop . I was trying to be sure I could navigate the nearly 12-hour drive from Georgia to East Texas with what was deemed our most cherished earthly belongings blocking my view out of the car windows . A pandemic or a move — or in this case both — makes you re-think what is really important . Moving across country and closing on a house takes a lot out of you and when you are down to the end , suddenly you are willing to toss things out you once thought were vitally important . You strip away the things that don ’ t matter and consider what does . My family matters . Making sure my children are safe matters . The place we call home matters . We have been in Palestine just over a year and I am thankful this is our home . I am thankful to finally call it our home , even though my family has been here for generations . Becoming editor at the Herald-Press is only an added bonus and I believe the newspaper matters . It is a way to communicate , remember , celebrate and hold accountable — all necessities for our lives and living them well .

This issue features Lisa Tang ’ s cover story that heralds the return of youth sports through the newly instituted Palestine Youth Sports Organization . The cooperative effort of a caring community helped our kids get back outside to play . This is undoubtedly part of living well . Tang also chronicles the rich history of the Palestine Herald-Press and its impact on so many lives for so many years . Another aspect of living well is a need to find comfort and reassurance , find ways to know we are okay regardless of everchanging circumstances . PennyLynn Webb walks us through the beauty of the hymns we all know and love . They were a comfort to those who penned them . They are still a comfort today . You will also learn the legend of an original singing cowboy Sykes “ Smith ” Ballew who was born in Palestine . Juwan Lee tells the story of Palestine High School tennis player Gage Concilio and the support he ’ s received from this community . We hope you have time to sit in a sunny spot and read through the stories that are our lives and shared experiences . We are grateful at the Herald-Press to have you reading these stories . We are grateful for the advertisers that help us bring them to you . Your stories matter .
Soli Deo gloria ,

Amy French

Editor , Palestine Herald-Press , Palestine Magazine