Palestine Magazine Spring Edition 2021 - Page 11

The natural dynamic many see now wasn ’ t always the case in balancing this new mother / son , coach / athlete relationship .
This was due to Fermin ’ s own learning curve with tennis and expectations of Gage . Fermin originally coached volleyball and soccer and grew up playing soccer and softball , so there was an enormous learning curve for her as coach .
“ A huge reason I wanted to join the tennis program was to get to see Gage play ,” Fermin said . “ My coaching duties left me unable to watch him , so it was a perfect opportunity . It has been a challenging transition . The mother / son balance was tough initially , but we figured out .”
Before Fermin became the tennis coach , she spent the back half of Gage ’ s sophomore year driving the tennis bus . It was Gage ’ s first year on varsity tennis and it ensured she would make all of matches . By his junior season , Fermin was promoted to full-time tennis coach .
Fermin came into Gage ’ s , and his mother – Dana Goolsby – life around the age of 5 and has stuck with him through every sport . She taught him how to throw a baseball and helped develop his love for sports .
“ I give props to my mom for learning the game ,” Concilio said . “ It ’ s been the best thing that ’ s happened to me . I ’ m able to go to the sideline during a match and she ’ s able to tell me exactly what I need to do . Our communication is great .”
Concilio signed his letter of intent in March to play collegiate tennis at Southwestern College in Winfield , Kansas . It marked the beginning of a new chapter for Gage , but also symbolized the inevitable closing of another .
And as he reflected on his career , he leaves a bit of wisdom for those late bloomers who are hesitant to try something new .
“ Those first three months you ’ re going to feel like you ’ re not doing anything ,” Concilio said . “ It ’ s dedication , dedication and dedication . You got to want to win . Those who are more competitive get better at a faster rate . There ’ s no match I ’ m stepping on the court thinking I won ’ t win . If you want to win you ’ re going to win .”