Palestine Magazine Holiday Edition - Page 37

Midas Touch has been collecting brewing medals ever since 1999 when it was first released and has become one of Dogfish Head ’ s most popular offerings . It was the beginning of an incredible collaboration between the brewery and McGovern as they continue to produce ancient ales . Here are some others to look for :
Ta Henket ( Egyptian herb and fruit beer recipe pulled from ancient hieroglyphs ) Theobroma ( Honduran chocolate and chili beer from a 3,000 year old sample ) Chateau Jiahu , ( Chinese rice , fruit and honey beer from a 9,000 year old sample )
Researchers eventually proved using carbon dating that the Midas Tumulus likely didn ’ t belong to King Midas but to his father King Gordias , founder of Gordium ( the ancient city his burial mound overlooks ). It seems fitting as there was no actual gold found in the supposed tomb of the man with the golden touch . There were , however , a total of 182 bronze garment pins found with the king . Archeologists believe that these didn ’ t belong to the king but were parting gifts from the mourners at the funeral , each guest removing the pin from their clothing as a token for the king to take with him . Little did they know that they were leaving a token for us to take as well when they left us their dirty dishes .


Chris Keller has worked in beer sales for a distributor , as a brewer for Saint Arnold Brewing Co . in Houston , and is the owner of Pint and Barrel Drafthouse in Palestine , Texas .