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young man who , like almost everyone else , escapes the horrid reality of life through a virtual world called the OASIS – which stands for Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation .
Aside from “ Ready Player One ,” that same year , Sheridan starred in “ Age Out ,” an indie film about a boy fresh out of foster care who drifts and commits petty crimes to survive . He discovers an impossible love in an unlikely friend . It ’ s a gripping story underscoring a major social problem : Children aging out of the foster-care system .
He was also in “ The Mountain ,” starring Jeff Goldblum . Goldblum ’ s character is a famous neurologist entering the twilight of his career . Sheridan plays a shy young man whom the neurologist takes on a tour of rural , mid-century mental hospitals , as the neurologist tries to reclaim his glory years .
He finished up 2018 by making a cameo as X-Men ’ s Cyclops in “ Deadpool 2 .” He reprised the role in 2019 for “ X-Men : Dark Phoenix .”
In 2020 , Sheridan starred in the live streaming television series , “ Wireless ” on the short lived Quibi App . In this survival thriller , Sheridan plays Andy Braddock , a college student in route to a New Year ’ s Eve party to try to rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend when he hits a snowbank and is stranded in the Colorado mountains in a snow storm – his best hope of survival his dying smartphone . The cast features Andi MacDowell as Sheridan ’ s mom , Lukas Gage , Francesca Reale , Mace Coronel , Sydney Park and Eric Dane .
He also joined Helen Hunt , John Leguizamo and Ana de Armas in big screen thriller , The “ Night Clerk .” In “ Night Clerk ,” Sheridan plays Bart Bromley , a young , socially challenged hotel clerk who witnesses a murder and then winds up as lead detective ’ s ( Leguizamo ) top suspect .
Sheridan rounded out 2020 by announcing the startup of a new media-tech company , Wonder Dynamics in December of that year .
Sheridan co-founded the company with visual-effect artist Nikola Todorovic . The duo first met on the set of Rodrigo Garcia ’ s 2015 drama “ Last Days in the Desert ,” in which Sheridan starred opposite Ewan McGregor . Todorovic was a VFX consultant on the production .
Sheridan and Todorovic started Wonder Dynamics , formerly called Aether Inc ., in 2017 and the past four years the two have been experimenting with using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create interactive video applications . They are gearing up to introduce a new AI production tool they feel will allow independent artists to produce stunning VFX and CGI animations for far less than the current cost , allowing indie filmmakers to deliver blockbusterlevel VFX on a fraction of the budget .
In an interview with Variety Magazine , Sheridan said , “ It breaks down the barriers to achieving your wildest vision . A lot of times people dream up this story but it ’ s not possible to make because it would cost $ 200 million . AI can democratize VFX .”
Wonder Dynamics has an advisory board of Hollywood hierarchy and tech mavens , that includes Steven Spielberg ; director / producer Joe Russo ; Rhea Films ’ Terry Dougas ; Gregory Trattner , president of Film Finances ; Joshua Baer , founder / CEO of Capital Factory ; Angjoo Kanazawa , assistant professor at UC Berkeley and Google research scientist ; MIT Professor . Antonio Torralba , head of AI and decision making ; and private-equity investor Robert Schwab .
Russo , whose credits include directing “ Avengers : Infinity War ” and “ Avengers : Endgame ,” told Variety the potential for using AI in filmmaking is today largely untapped .
“ We are often reminded of all of the ways that AI and similar tech advancements will profoundly impact our lives , but I think we haven ’ t yet scratched the surface of its potential impact on the media industry ,” Russo said . “ Wonder Dynamics is one of the early startups exploring this intersection , and I look forward to being part of this exciting journey with them .”
Wonder Dynamics has two products : Wallace Interactive , a patented technology that lets viewers engage in AI-powered conversations with characters in a TV show or a movie ; and Wallace Production , which the founders say will expedite and reduce the cost of creating visual effects . Wallace is a reference to breaking down the fourth wall with an audience .
Sheridan and Todorovic expect to begin demoing the software in early 2021 .
“ Visual AI is going to be one of the biggest revolutions in the industry ,” Todorovic told Variety . “ It ’ s going to let indie filmmakers or kids anywhere in the world realize their movies .”
By April 2021 , Wonder Dynamics announced they had raised $ 2.5 million in a round of seed funding to scale their A1 engineering and VFX treas and expand their A1 production tool . The innovation was set to be road tested on an unspecified film project this year . After that , the service is expected to be ready generate revenue through clients that sign up to use the proprietary technology . Lily-Rose Depp , Fionn Whitehead , Chante Adams , Colin Farrell ,.