Palestine Magazine Holiday Edition - Page 14

Flowers owns a business she began while living in Louisiana . The business developed somewhat unintentionally when she was dissatisfied with a fairy costume prop used for a photo shoot of her granddaughter . A seamstress herself , Flowers created a delicately beautiful fairy dress which amazed the photographer and many photographers after her .
Word of her costume prowess grew into thousands of dollars of orders and the beginning of The Enchanted Co .
Much of her stock was lost following flooding in Louisiana in 2016 . Her family picked up and moved together , eventually landing in East Texas . Flowers said she has always loved Christmas . “ My dad was the one , he loved to decorate the tree . You had to put the tinsel on one piece at a time and it had to be even . He loved to decorate , which is funny because my mom is the artist ,” she said .
Flowers has collected decorations in all kinds of styles and color families .
She decorated one of what will probably be four trees in her home for this year and has plenty of simple suggestions for people wanting to step up their decorating routine . At the top of her list is staying organized .
Flowers said she stores all of her Christmas decorations in clear , plastic tubs so she can easily find what she needs . She also sorts them according to color and she has everything from pinks and reds to jewel tones like purple and teal .
And gold , everything goes with gold . She said she mixes it in with any of the other colors .
Tammie and her sister will trade off certain ornaments to mix things up year to year .
“ It ’ s funny how colors tend to be trendy ,” she said . “ Navy blue and gold and copper are very trendy for this coming year .”
Organization by color is an easy way to take a different spin on decorations each year . Just swapping out a ribbon color on the tree will give it a whole new look .
This year ’ s tree for Tammie Flowers ’ living room has rich blues , golds and copper accents .
inside and when it ’ s time to transition to Christmas décor , they are easily spray painted .
For Christmas décor , we turned to local self-proclaimed “ Christmas crazy ” Tammie Flowers . “ Me and my sister have been Christmas crazy forever ,” she said . When Flowers starts decorating , it is best just to let her go according to her husband Larry who just smiles and shakes his head when the topic comes up .
“ My husband will be like why are there bows in the bathroom ?” Flowers laughs . Creative and easy-going , Flowers is a Christmas fanatic . Her previous home was on the Christmas tour three straight years and she and her sister would take a full week to decorate everything . And that meant working close to 10 hours a day .
“ Me and my sister , we would decorate everything and I ’ m talking everything ,” she said . “ Christmas bedspreads , the hilt . I love it .”
Flowers also has a few go-to favorite things she regularly mixes in with Christmas decorations . It is a great way for people with collections to incorporate some of their favorite items with their displays .
Flowers is particularly fond of butterflies , birds , bird houses and bird cages .
“ I have a thing for butterflies ,” Flowers said . “ I don ’ t know why . You can add them to anything and make them look Christmas-y too .”
Jeweled butterflies have been added to trees and garlands and unique pieces she and her sister made for her mantle . The two create all kinds of original items .
This year Flowers ’ mother-in-law passed away and as it will be the first Christmas for the family without her , she took some of her old costume jewelry and designed a tree on a framed background . It is a pretty tribute she will have to treasure .
Other handmade items include mantle-sized Christmas trees in navy velvet and a hanging tree made from branches , twine and wisps of greenery with birds .
A decorative bird house sits atop a waist-high stand Flowers made and it doubles as a stocking hanger .
Christmas stockings
Another of Flowers favorite items are Christmas stockings . She said she makes new ones every year to go with the theme or her home ’ s decorations . The stockings she designed for this year have some of the blues and soft neutrals found in her curtains and on her tree .
“ Stockings are an easy way to decorate . I stuff them with Walmart bags so they look puffy up on the mantle ,” she said .