Palestine Magazine Holiday Edition - Page 11

The open feel of the living and eating areas keep any of it from seeming the least bit stuffy or dated . The hall past the kitchen leads to a simply-adorned guest room offering a view of a Kenyan sunset in one of his original photographs .
Herrington now indulges his hobbies , particularly photography . He has five African trips under his belt and walls full of canvases featuring lions , elephants and other native wildlife .
His last trip was in March of this year , navigating a global pandemic .
“ That photo was taken in Kenya in 2015 ,” Herrington said . “ We end each day with sundowner drinks at some beautiful location , and this one was a great photo op .” Down the hall is the master bedroom that was at one time Johnnie Herrington ’ s office . The furnishings continue the clean , modern look against exposed brick walls .
To create the consistent pattern seen on the closet doors , the cabinet makers rolled rock maple logs .
A portrait hangs to the left of the bed , Herrington ’ s high school graduation photo , in a frame that is perhaps the most ornate item in the home .
Herrington laughs that the guy in the picture is hardly recognizable now .
He also uses free time to visit his daughter and her family in North Carolina as much as possible .
Herrington makes time to serve in the community as well . While still on the landmarks commission board , the group hosted a visitor from Austin and gave a tour of some downtown buildings .
“ We went upstairs at the old municipal building on W . Oak ,” he said . “ We came around the corner and this glass was just leaning against the wall .”
The glass was a broken piece of his father ’ s original signage for his insurance and real estate office at 213 . W . Main . It dates to 1946 .
Herrington snatched it up and Toole designed a frame for the unusual piece . It hangs now in his living room near old prints showing the history of the home in downtown Palestine .
Another sign , the Johnnie Herrington neon sign , is still out front of his home and is lit at night — a throwback to the 50 ’ s and another reminder of the building ’ s history .
Herrington seems content with no plans to leave the remodeled space and all the memories it holds .
“ This is it . This is my final home as far as I ’ m concerned ,” he said .