Pacific Safety Training Calendar Jul-Dec 2016 volume 1 2017 - Page 6

WORKPLACE SAFETY COURSES HANDS ON Asbestos Cement Pipe This course is designed for personnel who must work with asbestos cement pipe. Topics include: the physical characteristics and health hazards of asbestos; the types of asbestos cement pipe that may be encountered; safe practices and procedures for minimizing asbestos exposures from operations involving asbestos cement pipe; a review of general industry and construction safety orders relating to asbestos exposure; and, hands-on instruction using pipe and the tools and equipment employees will use in the work place. Regulatory citation: 8 CCR 341.17 Contact hours: 4 | Dates: Feb 28 or May 22 | Investment: $125 Member / $150 Non-member Backhoe HANDS ON Operator This program is designed for field personnel with experience operating equipment or for those who want to learn the basics of backhoe operation. Students will receive hands-on training conducted in a safe environment. Topics covered will include: equipment inspection, safe moving and operating procedures, safe excavating procedures, loading procedures and excavation techniques. Contact hours: 8 | Dates: TBD, call for dates | Investment: $150 Member / $180 Non-member Certificate for Safety Managers (COSM) The newest addition to the growing number of safety management programs in the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) family, COSM is an advanced, executive-level safety program consisting of 40 hours of training. Once students have completed all five sessions and meet the prerequisites, they receive the COSM credential. Topics include: Essentials of Safety Management; Strategic Planning & Evaluating for Safety Success; Managing Risks; Communicating the Safety Message; and Preventive Measures & PostAccident Management. Prerequisites: Complete all five session; turn in all completed assignments; and have a minimum of two years of safety, health or environmental work experience. Contact hours: 40 | Dates: Apr 3-7 | Investment: $1,899 Member / $2,499 Non-member Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) COSS training is an intensive learning experience that teaches participants how to manage safety effectively within their organizations. Skills gained in COSS include: calculating the true costs of accidents; identifying hazards and implementing corrective actions; performing risk assessments for key jobs and procedures; and developing, implementing and maintaining safety plans. COSS provides safety practitioners with the tools and techniques they need to make an impact on the safety of their organization. Contact hours: 40 | Dates: Jan 30 - Feb 3 or May 1-5 | Investment: $1,699 Member / $2,199 Non-member Coaching the Experienced Driver This program is for drivers who think they drive defensively. This course is specifically designed to cover collision prevention techniques in depth. Participants complete and receive a Driver Performance Analysis System (DPAS) evaluation illustrating their skills based on the following areas: Driver and Traffic Knowledge, Traffic Perceptual Skills, Traffic Risk, and Driver and Traffic Procedures. Contact hours: 4 | Dates: Mar 13 or Jun 14 | Investment: $75 Member / $95 Non-member 5 1.855.4.PSC.411 |