Pacific Island Times Vol 4 No. 1 January 2020 - Page 3

WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover VOL. 4 GUAM • PALAU CNMI • FSM NO. 1 $1.25 JANUARY 2020 A SMOOTH ROAD AH EAD? CNMI What’s eating Gov. Ralph Torres ? Environment Lighting the path to 100% renew able energy Environment A vision of the future 14 CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres facing Impeachment 15 Technology Connectivity gap in the Pacific 18 Around the Pacific Workforce development in Chuuk American Samoans: The reluctant Americans Chuukese perspective: Where’s my mail? Bougainville independence: Don’t hold your breath 20 21 22 23 What’s in store for Guam in 2020 16-17 From the Publisher’s Desk The year ahead 4 Brief Chat A compassionate choice Philippines A smart city on the rise 25 6 Insights View from the Trench: Remembering Lee Holmes Variations: Doomsday Court of Public Opinion: Get out of your comfort zone Yo Amti: More on GMH Lessons for Everyday Life: GMH vs GRMC 7 8 9 10 11 Life Don and Kel Muna: In the limelight Daydream: ‘Who is your person of the year?’ 26 27 Local Dining Rediscovering kimchee 28 Military briefs 12 Travel ‘Excuse me, that is my seat’ 30 Business Building a local workforce 13