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WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover Insights VOL 3 $1.25 GUAM • PALAU CNMI • FSM NO. 9 SEPTEMBER 2018 HOUSE OF CARDS The barely finish ed Saipan casino project is deali with complex probl ng ems Policy Where there’s smoke, there’s Military a tax With a big defense budget, China is perfecting ‘Guam Killer’ The never-ending saga of Saipan casino’s complex problems 20 Views from the Trench: GMH: same old stories 7 Live from Saipan: Surviving power outages 8 4 5 9 11 12 Tourism One year since the “fire and fury” August What’s new in Tumon Sands Plaza Guam’s dangerous distance from China 15 Business What is it like to drive a Crossover? Here’s something to make you quit smoking 25 Around the Pacific Chuukese vs outerislanders Define “Third Word” Political convenience in Palau 13 14 17 Policy Opposing Chuxit Campaign 2018 Advancing to Nov. 6 Brief Chat Who is Dr. Thomas Krise? 6 The Localist: Rising to the challenge of rising seas From the Publisher’s Desk The challenges of the island media Observer: Where’s the beer? Not Your Average Joe: When free speech is in danger All citizens deserve a vote Campaign 2018 Who would have thought Madeleine Bordallo could be defeate d? Military Finally, Yap enters the 21st century Pacific Island states bucking nuke When faith is at stake 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Philippines Homeless in paradise Daydream: Have you met The One? 33 34 Travel 35 A charm called Chang Mai Local Dining Smoked meat, nachos and sauces 36 Bookshelf Retro novel in the Trump era VISIT US FOLLOW US LIKE US CONNECT WITH US The Pacific Island Times is a member of Pacific Island News Association 38