Pacific Island Times April 2019 Vol 3 No. 4 | Page 3

WHAT WE HAVE THIS MONTH Our Cover VOL. 3 GUAM • PALAU CNMI • FSM Technology Just a byte: How well can you tech it? NO. 4 Policy $1.25 APRIL 2019 ‘THIS ISN’T Forfeited federal funds CRUEL?’ Assessing Guam’s anima l protection laws CNMI Brief Chat David Greene: Where do you get your Tourism Revitalizing Pagan news? Couch surfing: a gift economy Around the Pacific CNMI Reclaiming Pagan How tough are Guam laws against animal cruelty? The controversial court ruling From the Publisher’s Desk Romeo and Juliet Brief Chat David Greene: Reclaiming journalism Insights Observer: The Bible tells us so Views from the Trench: What constitutes legitimate news source? Variations: The cost of not having a casino The Elephant in the Room The voucher system Environment Making a case for scuba fishing ban Tourism The strangers on your couch Military Historical sites in trouble 16-18 17 4 5 7 6 8 9 10-12 13 15 FSM President Peter Christian: On his way out Palau strengthens ties with Taiwan The plastic problem Philippines No escape from violence Life Daydream: A visit down the memory lane Lesson for Everyday Life: News from 1968 Art Women-centric Bookshelf Clinton and his fantasy president Travel A cab ride with Mrs. Grumps 20 21 22 23 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30