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Acupuncture • Laser Chiropractic • Herbs • Massage Homeopathy • Osteopathy/FIT Ozone • Reiki • Prolozone Animal Communication Dental • Labs • Surgery Pema Choepel Mallu, DVM, CVA, MAc, LAc DOES YOUR PET... Itch a lot, have hot spots, hair loss, or skin issues? Have trouble getting up or going down stairs? Feel sore after exercise or seem tired all the time? Drink a lot of water or urinate a lot? Struggle with intermittent vomiting or diarrhea? Have unexplained weight loss or weight gain? Get fleas despite topical flea prevention? Eat a prescribed diet you must buy from a vet? Our Integrative health care approach can help you resolve these issues naturally. We believe your pets are family who deserve compassionate and stress- free care, and we expect miracles through challenging the status quo. 12627 Wisteria Drive, STE C & D Germantown, MD • 240-715-6570 holisticveterinaryhealing.com effects on people, animals and the planet are crucial to making informed decisions about where you buy your food. Farm-based education can also give people the knowledge to advocate for the kinds of policies that have an im- pact on important social issues and the environment. Planting gardens, saving seeds, understanding your purchasing power, and becoming familiar with how food is grown, distributed, taxed, subsidized and made cheap through the exploitation of certain people are the kinds of actions that can begin to change the fabric of our society. With a little inspira- tion, education and caring, so much good could be set in motion. What if librarians started seed libraries of pollinated seeds among their bookshelves? What if parents demanded of their school boards that all students deserve access in their cafeterias to nutritious locally grown food? What if hous- ing developers built homes into the landscape with green roofs for growing vegetables, or home- owner associations set up CSAs to support local farmers and receive boxes of seasonal produce every week? Tremendous ground could be gained in simple ways if people really understood how many decisions within their control— both collectively and individu- ally—could contribute to a more socially and environmentally just and healthy food system—one where everyone thrives. Sophia Maravell grew up on a seed sav- ing organic farm in Montgomery County, and works at Potomac Vegetable Farms as a community educator and farmer. She is committed to bringing “culture” back into agriculture as well as genera- tional healing through connecting to grief, land and our collective histories. Keep your eyes peeled for slow moving turtles! This Eastern Box Turtle was spotted trying to cross River Road during morning rush hour. Happily, it was rescued and taken to a safe area away from traffic. In Maryland there are eleven species of box and water turtles, and many find their home in the Agri- cultural Reserve. In Native American lore the turtle is a symbol of the world; turtle wisdom reminds us to stay grounded, slow down, pace oneself, and walk peacefully upon on the Earth. We think that’s a nice reminder when we take time to venture out into the Reserve. And if you see one making its way across the road, slow down and take a moment to help the little fellow out of harm’s way.