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or risk-taking capacity—can jump in and try something new.” The brothers’ adventurous spirit and dynamic leadership style shapes every aspect of the pro- gramming, and success has been sweet for the entire team. Calleva is widely recognized as an innova- tive force in the outdoor adventure world, having developed a unique brand that conveys an appreciation for both unbridled exploration and the simple joys of rural life. Sum- mer camp, wilderness experiences, a dynamic paddling program, environmental education, and small-scale sustainable farming all Riding at Calleva Farm: “We help our students become better riders and allow them to explore the values & adventure of the farm life as well.” – Tess McKone, Equestrian Director Dirty Dinners at Calleva Farm: “We want to give adults the opportunity to experience the bounty of the farm, the relaxed joys of an evening among friends in the country, and the simple beauty of the great outdoors in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve.” – Olivia Murphy, Calleva VA Co-Director come together under the Calleva umbrella. It would be impossible to headquarter all this in a single location, so Calleva has created an innovative variety of mobile programming, taking participants to the best parks, trails, rivers, and rocks in the Mid-Atlantic region while operating an educational farm in Montgomery County and even coordinating international trips for its Liquid Adventures pad- dling school. Meeting the Calleva team, one Kayaking the Potomac near Seneca Creek: “We encourage our paddlers to take a good hard look and decide for themselves if they are ready for what they are about to take on. It is a very empowering question to ask yourself, and whatever the answer is, it’s your answer, your decision.” – SteveO McKone, Liquid Adventures Director 42 PLENTY I SUMMER GROWING 2019 is impressed on multiple levels. There is a contagious enthusiasm for the outdoors, for creativity, and for sharing these passions with others through experience. Also re- markable are the range of expertise and the diverse perspectives that exist among the team members, who are adventurers, farmers, and artists from around the world. Cal- leva’s team builds steam during the spring months, from a year-round core of 25 to full strength of more than 200 instructors, counselors, and directors by Memorial Day. “The strength of our commu- nity is as important as the indi- viduals who join each season,” Nick explains. “At Calleva teamwork, stewardship, and a strong com- mitment to personal growth are all part of our DNA. We’re reminded of these ideals every day, and there’s an expectation to ‘practice what we preach’.” The Markoffs agree that every Calleva day is a celebration of the wonders of the natural world and the joy of shared experiences in it. Matt summarized, “We believe in the power of the outdoors to heal, inspire, and renew. We truly do love what we do.”