Ownit Magazine #MAY-JUNE 2018

Ownit Magazine is a global online women success magazine for creative, conscious, entrepreneurial, and spiritual women, who feel a deep longing for living a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life. It aims to ignite the spark within to be great, bringing them inspirational, fun, and relatable content for growing more awareness, accessing their authentic power, building self-confidence, and finding the courage to act. It features stories of real women who are in the trenches doing the work, inspiring other women to take action, lead, and be extraordinary in their work, (social) entrepreneurship, creativity, and human connection. Use your potential, create true success, do work you love, be kind, make an impact. Join our tribe of extraordinary women leading the way to change. Ownit Magazine: Your Spark to be Great.

The may/june 2018 issue of Ownit Magazine is about consciousness and spirituality. It features the story of Lisa Nichols. This incredible lady turned a major life breakdown into a breakthrough, and she’s teaching others to do the same. Lisa Nichols, initially known for her part in the movie “The Secret,” is motivating the masses, as is the name of her multimillion dollar company in transformational programs and public speaking.

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