Ownit Magazine #2 - Sept-Okt. 2017

Ownit Magazine is an online women success magazine for free minded, creative, spiritual, conscious and entrepreneurial women, who feel a deep longing for living a meaningful, successful and fulfilling life. Ownit magazine empowers women globally by giving them valuable content and role-models to grow their awareness and self-confidence, stimulating work, (social) entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability and development of personal power and leadership in a fun and modern way. It's here to spark you to be great. It truly is your duty to find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. The magazine offers real stories women for real women, inspirational videos, books and tools to get you going, to act, to make a difference. Find the courage to act with Ownit Magazine: Your Spark to be Great!

Women, it's time to rise!

Empowerment & leadership
Money & Impact
Who’s in control? You or your money? 12
In the Spotlight:
Empowerment of the sensitive soul 15
Stand on Your Own Two Feet 16-17

Change & consciousness
Be the Change
Video with Jay Shetty 6-7
Ownit Meditations 11
Ownit Favorite podcasts 12
Ownit Favorite videos 41
Receiving Power 44-45

Inspiration & Lifestyle
Books & Magazines to Own 14
Butterfly image with Quote 26-27
Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation 40
Healing Soldiers with Yoga
Beating the image with concrete yoga 32-36
My Lovely Poetry
Poem by Charlie Chaplin 25

Creativity & Education
Perfectionism Kills Creativity
Feel the fear and do it anyway 8-10
Creative Lives Chase Jarvis
Creative classes online 18-19
Guide The Heart to Move the Mind
More intentional form of storytelling 30-31
Your Elusive Creative Genius
Video TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert 37
The People Versus The School System
Video with Prince Ea 42-43

An expression of
the soul
Life lessons of a Master violinist
Interview with Dayna Young 20-24

Work & Entrepreneurship
You Own It Your Way
Need help to find your way? 28
Make a Profit
Small businesses create value 29
Change the world through business
Story of Yvon Chouinard 46-47

Ownit publication
Editors note 3
Publisher’s Why & Colophon 5
Photo recognition 48
Your Opinion About Ownit 49
Share Your Story? 50-51
Subscribe to Ownit 52