Ownit Magazine #1 - May 2017

Ownit Magazine is an online women success magazine for free minded, creative, spiritual, conscious and entrepreneurial women, who feel a deep longing for living a meaningful, successful and fulfilling life. Ownit magazine empowers women globally by giving them valuable content and role-models to grow their awareness and self-confidence, stimulating work, (social) entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability and development of personal power and leadership in a fun and modern way. It's here to spark you to be great. It truly is your duty to find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. The magazine offers real stories women for real women, inspirational videos, books and tools to get you going, to act, to make a difference. Find the courage to act with Ownit Magazine: Your Spark to be Great!

Women, it's time to rise!

In this first issue of Ownit magazine:
- special article Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule. Change your life in 5 seconds at a time. Simple idea, great results.

Empowerment & Leadership
Are you feeling guilty for not taking action?
Make a difference, the publishers why
Rising strong with Brené Brown
The biggest disease affecting humanity
You are meant to shine
50/50 Equality, what does it take?
Quote Maya Angelou
Getty images change the way you look

Change & Consciousness
The evolution of consciousness
Make change happen, change your ways
Change your paradigm, video Bob Proctor
Change your life in 5 seconds with Mel Robbins
Let the adventure begin, image with quote
How to master & control emotions, video Leo
What is true success? We don't help eachother anymore

Creativity & Education
Let's start making the world our classroom
Big magic, how to live your most creative life

Work & Entrepreneurship
Purpose economy, a roadmap to a better future
Digital business, using your feminine qualities
Can you make impact & income?
Make profit & Do Good! Toms, an example company
Ownit favorites for business 58
Why you should do affiliate marketing in 2017

Inspiration & Lifestyle
Hacking possiblity with woman firefighter
Rasheeda Winfield in the spotlight
Minimalism, documentary about the important things
Add this to your to-do list, prevent burnout
Books & magazines to OWN yourself
Ownit videos, pick of some inspirational videos
Ownit meditations
Option B, find a way through grief

Ownit publication
Editors note
Make a difference, the publishers why
Ownit feedback, You've got the power
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