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BA LT I M O R E SY M P H O N Y O R C H E S T R A George Hudgins and Cecilia Cydylo-Hudgins Thomas and Betsy Hudson Mrs. Beverly Hunter Michelle Hurt Dr. Nancy Hutton and Dr. Larry Wissow Mr and Mrs. David A. Hutzler Sanford and Ann Jacobson Ms. Anne B. Jenkins Ms. Claudette Jones Mr. and Ms. Gareth R. Jones Thomas and Susan Holland Mr. Gerald E. Karg Dr. and Mrs. Haiq H. Kazazian, Jr. John and Margaret Kessel “In honor of Robert A. Kessel” Drs. Charles King and Mary O’Connor David* and Barbara Kornblatt Ms. Janet Kruba Catherine and John La Costa Judith and Herschel Langenthal Mary H. Larimer Ms. Debra M. Lawrence Mr. Fred Lazarus IV and Mrs. Jonna Lazarus Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Lesser Ms. Judith G. Letcher Sara and Elliot* Levi Peter and Lina Leibhold Constance J. Lieder Ms. B. Joanne Lindberg and Mr. Russel W. Lindberg Dan and Barbara Lipstein Mr. and Mrs. K. Wayne Lockard Joan P. Locke Harold and Judith Lowe Dr Ellen J. MacKenzie and Dr. James Tielsch Joy E. Mandel Francine Manekin Philathropic Fund Ms. Elizabeth B. Mariani Thomas and Nancy Maronick Mr. Richard Marriott Mr. and Mrs. Rohit Marwaha Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Matz Dr. Marilyn Maze and Dr. Holland Ford Linda and Thomas McCabe Patricia McCall Mr. and Mrs. Russell McCally Dr. Mary E. McCaul Michael R. McMullan Ms. Sandra McWhirter Michael and Carolyn Meredith Diane* and Lou Mezzanotte Anthony and Mary Miller Linda L. Miller Frederick and Virginia Pearce Mitchell Herbert and Miriam Mittenthal Diane I. Molner Thomas and Cynthia Monahan Mr. Charles Morgan Edward Mortimore Howard Moy Jeanne Murphy Mr. and Mrs William J. Murphy Ms. Gail Nettleton Number Ten Foundation Charles and Peggy Obrecht Gene and Sabine Oishi Richard Osial Gail and Eric Ostergaard 44 OV E R T U R E / BSOmusic.org Mr. James F. Padgett Jeffrey C. Palkovitz William and Sherrill Pantle Mr. Laurence Goldstein and Ms. Diane Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Parr Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pecora Dr. and Mrs. C. Michael Pfeifer, Jr. William and Paula Phillips Stephen Plano and Sharon Huber-Plano David A. and Kathleen Power Richard and Kay Radmer Thomas Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ridder Lawrence and Jan Rivitz Mr. Stephen W. Robb Marlyn G. Robinson Mrs. Beth C. Rosenwald Dr. and Mrs. Saul D. Roskes T. Edgie Russell Ms. Kayleen Saucier and Mr. Richard Saucier Benjamin and Margaret Schapiro David and Alice Schlessinger Eugene and Alice Schreiber Mr. Michael J. Schreiber Carl Shanholtz and Ruth Horowitz A.L. Gearhart and K.V. Shannahan Janet Simons Harvey and Deborah Singer Ms. and Mr. Anne C. Slaughter F. Louise and Wayne F. Smith Rona and Norman Smith Lt. Col. John Snead Richard and Linda Snurr Mr. Raymond J. Spitznas Norm and Joy St. Landau Brian Stansky Charles Starr Stephen and Sue Sternheimer Mr. and Mrs. Damie Stillman John* and Carol Straumanis Denise Sullivan The Rt. Rev. Eugene and Mrs. Sonya Sutton Hobart K. and Janis F. Swan Mr. Brenan Swartz Mrs. and Mr. Julie K. Szymaszek Rev. Warren Tanghe Dr. Martin Taubenfeld Daniel and Angela Taylor Harry and Gina Telegadas Angel Terol Mrs. Kathleen A. Thompson Mr. Peter Threadgill Mr. Edward V. Tildon Barbara Tipton Dr. Rose M. Viscardi and Dr. Jeffrey D. Hasday Richard Wachter Ms. Linda Wadian Ms. Mary Frances Wagley Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Walcher Mr. and Mrs. Weldon W. Ward, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Peter and Rosemary Warschawski John and Diane Wasowicz Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weinstein Louis A. Wesly Kem and Susan White Children of Alice and Gene Scheiber Fund Barry and Judy Williams Mr. R. A. Williams Philip J. and Ann Meadow Williamson Bruce and Geraldine Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Witter Dr. Raymond Wittstadt Mrs. Deborah Woods Dr. and Ms. Howard Woolf Dr. Richard Wormsbecher Mrs. Anne M. Wyatt-Brown Marjorie W. Wyman Charitable Fund Dorothy Yankellow Mrs. Martha M. Yeager David and Naomi Zajic Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Zaller Ms. Joan D. Zelinka Marc E. Lackritz and Mary DeOreo^ Burt and Karen Leete^ Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman Dr. Diana Locke and Mr. Robert E. Toense R. Noel Longuemare Howard and Linda Martin^ Kari Peterson and Benito R. and Ben De Leon Lynn Rhomberg Roger and Barbara Schwarz Don Spero and Nancy Chasen Alan Strasser and Patricia Hartge Thomas M. Ward Sylvia and Peter Winik BSO AT STRATHMORE HONOR ROLL $2,000 – $2,999 The following donors contribute to the BSO at Strathmore Artistic Fund to support music and music education throughout Montgomery County and the DC Metro community. STRATHMORE GOVERNING MEMBERS GOLD $5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous (2) Community Foundation for the National Capital Region The Charles Delmar Foundation Marcia Diehl and Julie Kurland Ms. Marietta Ethier Mary Martin Gant Gerri Hall^ and David Nickels^ John Hanson Dr. Phyllis R. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Keller David Leckrone and Marlene Berlin Marie Lerch and Jeff Kolb Dr. James ^ and Jill Lipton^ Susan Liss and Rabbi Fred Reiner James Lynch and Anne Woodard Lynch Frank Maddox and Glenda Finley Edgar McCulloch Mr. and Mrs. Humayun Mirza Dr. William W. Mullins Mr. Dave Pauza and Ms. Maria Salvato Jan S. Peterson and Alison E. Cole William B. and Sandra B. Rogers Mike and Janet Rowan^ Daniel and Sybil Silver John and Susan Warshawsky Elizabeth and Bill Weber Allan and Wendy Williams Dr. Edward Whitman^ Clark-Winchcole Foundation Ms. Deborah Wise / Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation, Inc. STRATHMORE GOVERNING MEMBERS SILVER $3,000 – $4,999 Alan V. Asay and Mary K. Sturtevant Leonard and Gabriela Bebchick Dr. Nancy Bridges Mr. Vincent Castellano Collins Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Feldman Anthony and Wyn Fitzpatrick Neil R. Greene and Ellen G. Miles STRATHMORE SYMPHONY SOCIETY GOLD The Adler Family Foundation Anonymous Caroline W. and Rick Barnett Cecil Chen and Betsy Haanes Dr. Mark Cinnamon and Ms. Doreen Kelly Dimick Foundation John C. Driscoll Robert and Patricia Fauver Dr. Edward Finn Dr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Gold Drs. Joseph Gootenberg and Susan Leibenhaut David and Anne Grizzle Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hoefler Fran and Bill Holmes Betty W. Jensen Stephen Kramer Florentina Mehta Rita and Bernard Meyers Herb and Rita Posner Donald M. Simonds Karen Rosenthal and M. Alexander Stiffman Janice and Richard Tullos Henry and Debbie Tyrangiel Marc and Amy Wish STRATHMORE SYMPHONY SOCIETY SILVER $1,200 –$1,999 Anonymous (5) Charles Alston and Susan Dentzer Mr. and Mrs. Larry Avrunin Mr. William J. Baer and Ms. Nancy H. Hendry Dr. Marilyn Bate Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bergman Sherry and David Berz Bea and Roger Blacklow Ms. Jane B. Boynton Mr. Richard H. Broun and Ms. Karen E. Daly Gordon F. Brown Ms. Sharon P. Brown Ms. Barbara Brownridge and Mr. Thomas E. Walsh Mr. Nicholas Burger and Ms. Dawn Alley Frances and Leonard Burka Charitable Fund Sue Carlton Mr. Harvey A. Cohen and Mr. Michael R. Tardif Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dante