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Concerned about falling? Can vitamin D help? Consider STURDY STURDY is a research program to find out if Vitamin D pills will help prevent falls. Is STURDY for you? Free Medical Test and up to $120 over 2 years If you answer YES to all 3 of these questions, you may be eligible: h Are you age 70 or older? h Are you afraid of falling or have you had a fall in the past year? h Are you willing to take vitamin D pills? If STURDY seems right for you: h Call us today 410-281-1600 h Or send an email to [email protected] h Website: http://www.sturdystudy.org/ Approved April 27, 2015 Program conducted at Johns Hopkins Pro Health in Woodlawn, MD. Principal Investigator: Lawrence J. Appel, MD, MPH Protocol #IRB00063914