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Spring 2022

There ’ s something absent from this issue of Outdoor Focus and it ’ s Wordsmith , Kev Reynold ’ s regular column . As you ’ ll know by now , Kev passed away last December . I never met Kev but , judging by the many

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tributes paid since , he was a much-loved man , as well as a prolific and enthusiastic advocate for a life lived outdoors . All I can add is how encouraging Kev was and how much I looked forward to his emails both before and after Outfoor Focus went to print . He ’ ll be a miss .



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The chance to go caving at Malham AGM meeting last year brought back a lot of memories of expeditions into Lake District metal mines in my younger days . It all started when John Adams came to teach physics in my department at Trinity School , Carlisle . He joined our after school fell walking club and within a year or two became fascinated with the hundreds of holes in the ground seen on our walks . We joined up with local man Ian Tyler who ran a sports shop in Carlisle at the time as we were doing all of the half marathons and soon found that Ian was an avid mine explorer . He was a member of CAT ( Cumbria Amenity Trust ) in the south of the county who explored in particular Coniston Copper mines . Ian sold mining gear in his shop so within a short time we were �itted out with SRT gear , Oldham lamps , helmets and all the other paraphernalia for safe expeditions into the mines .

We went everywhere , descending down to Hospital level at Coniston from an entrance shaft at Levers Water and prussiking back to the surface several hundred metres down the valley . However , living at Carlisle , most of our time was spent in the northern fells . John Adams wrote a book Mines of the Lake District Fells , published by Dalesman in 1988 and later reprinted .
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