Our Vision, Your Future (2021) Brochure | Page 12


"The internship program is challenging yet fruitful, and I am eternally grateful to have found a company like Gettry Marcus that has allowed me to grow in my knowledge, proficiency and respect of the accounting profession."

"Gettry Marcus'

internship program stands

out because of the direct access to management and the warm culture where everyone offers a helping hand when needed. There's a lot to learn and a lot of resources to help you develop your career in the

accounting field."

"This internship has

definitely exceeded all of my expectations. I never thought that on the intern level I would contribute as much as I do. I have worked on some of the firm's biggest clients, doing work that I could not see myself taking on two years ago."

-Rebecca J.

-Jason C.

-Taylor B.

"From going out in

the field to working on preparing actual tax returns, I feel so prepared and ready every time I get an assignment. The experience you get here cannot be matched anywhere else."

-Jennifer S.

"The best thing about being an intern at Gettry Marcus is the people I get to work with. Everyone is always so welcoming and helpful."

-Zack L.

"I'm getting involved

in assignments that other accountants are working on, which makes me feel like I am actually making a difference and gives me true insight of what public accounting is all about."

-Justin M.