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TIPS There are a few techniques and practises you should use if you want to shop and cook responsibly: 1. Don’t go shopping feeling hungry. You’ll buy all sorts of foods and end up throwing half of them away. 2. Shop in some of the discounters like Lidl and Aldi but buy specific things that you like there. Then go on to your preferred supermarket. But do check the price on stock items like flour or stock cubes because some things end up being cheaper in your usual store. a using plan one! a e Mak ike this l grid A FOUR WEEK PLAN MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 3. Look out for half price offers in Lidl on all fruit and vegetables. 4. A good time to shop is in the evening; each major store discounts fresh products at certain times. Work out when your preferred supermarket starts their discounting: UP TO UP TO 25%OFF 50%OFF Asda Morrisons SainburyS Tesco Co-op 12pm 10am 8am 8am 5pm 5pm 5pm 4pm 5pm UP TO 75% OFF AND UP 9pm 7pm 8pm 8pm 7pm When you have broccoli or cauliflower do you cut off the stalks and throw them out? Why not boil up with an onion, some leek and celery and liquidize to make a soup? If you’ve cooked too much cauliflower make simple batter from flour, curry powder and water, dip the cauliflower in and fry in hot oil for a side or even a snack. Warm leftover carrots in the microwave or in boiling water and drain then mix in butter or a little oil with cumin. If you have leftover chicken then shred it with a fork, mix with leftover noodles and a bit of plum sauce and use to fill a wrap for lunch. If you have a small amount of Sunday roast left like potatoes, veg and gravy, liquidize everything together to make a tasty soup. 5. Use farmers’ markets and local markets. See here for details on the markets in Newcastle-under-Lyme. 6. Buy things like meat and fish in bulk if you can afford it, and make them into dishes like soup or stews and freeze them. If you have left over vegetables, add a can of chick peas and make a curry by frying everything in oil with some curry powder and onion. You can fInd more ideas like these at www.lovefoodhatewaste.co.uk