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CONTENTS Citrus Chicken with Noodles Tuna, Sun-blush Tomatoes & Roquette Salad Braised Venison with Liquorice & Lemon Poached chicken with brown rice and fresh ginger relish Sweet & Sour Bell Peppers filled with Wheat, Herbs & Tofu Grilled Mackerel Fillet with Curried Potato & Spinach Salad All the recipes in this booklet are designed to make you feel good: there are no calorific values, salt amounts, sugar amounts or any other bits of scientific jargon. I’m not going to preach to you. I just want you to experience some wonderful flavours, and perhaps some different tastes and textures. Apple, Ginger & Mustard Soup Happy cooking and eating! Grilled Mushroom topped with Marinated Vegetables Low-Fat Caesar Salad Spaghetti with Turkey Salad of Turkey & Peppered Pineapple in Tomato Dressing Lemon Turkey Steak Salad Basil and Soft Fruit Terrine Banana Ice Parfait