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Our Patch march 2017

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Landlords are under the cosh . The increase in stamp duty , loss of the wear and tear allowance , and the cut in mortgage interest tax relief has hit hard . And there are still choppy waters ahead , says accountant Paul Watson .

HMRC is axing the dreaded annual tax return in favour of a new , fully digital system . Should landlords welcome the change ? From April 2018 , they will be required to submit quarterly returns , paying tax as they go , plus a final fifth return for any mopping up adjustments . This means the taxman receives tax sooner and has more evidence for enquiries – and landlords have less ability for retrospective tax planning .
How will the new system work and what will the taxman be looking for ? It will trawl through databases like the Land Registry and the DVLA , allowing the HMRC to check if landlords have declared rental income and disposals , profiling their lifestyle to see if it matches their income level . For instance , if you buy a sports car , the system could raise a flag if it deems you couldn ’ t afford it based on the income you ’ ve declared . The HMRC will also have direct access to be able to review your bank accounts .
What do landlords need to do now ? It is important to understand that in this new digital world they need to ensure their records and declarations are accurate and up-to-date . We can protect them in these turbulent times .
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