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Our Patch AUTUMN 2017 party wall surveyor planning consultant architect Richard Hourican Chartered Building Consultant Hourican & Associates Ltd richard@houricanassociates.com Building 3, Chiswick Park 566 Chiswick High Road W4 5YA Tel: 020 8849 8390 www.houricanassociates.com Yussuf Mwanza Managing Director MZA Planning office@mzaplanning.com 14 Devonshire Mews Chiswick W4 2HA Tel: 020 8995 7848 www.mzaplanning.com Ivan Lazzaroni Design Principal Omnide ilazzaroni@omnide.com N.2 Durham Yard Teesdale Street E2 6QF Tel: 020 7613 3833 www.omnide.com H ome improvements aren’t just all about you, they will also have an effect on your neighbours too, says party wall surveyor Richard Hourican. What issues could arise in relation to the Party Wall Act? If you are building a mansard loft conversion and your neighbour has already raised the parapet party wall, you will need to pay them compensation for enclosing against their wall. However, if you are the first to raise the parapet wall, any adjoining neighbour who encloses against your wall to build their loft, will need to pay you compensation. We could be talking £3,000 to £4,000. “GET A SCHEDULE OF CONDITION SURVEY ON YOUR NEIGHBOURS’ PROPERTY EVEN IF THEY AGREE” If you’ve built a loft, what happens when you come to sell? Your purchaser’s solicitor will ask for a copy of your agreed party wall award and the schedule of condition survey carried out prior to works commencing. When can work begin? Start the party wall process at planning, as there is a two-month notice period from when you serve a party structure notice on the adjoining owners. How can you cover yourself? Get a schedule of condition survey on your neighbours’ property even if they agree to the work. K nowing how to approach the council with your plans can be daunting. Helping you negotiate the hurdles is town planning consultant Yussuf Mwanza. A rchitect Ivan Lazzaroni says more benefits can flow from a loft conversion than merely a significant increase in the value of your property. How can a planning consultant help in the process of building a loft extension? Having worked as a planner within a number of local authorities, and as an appeal inspector within the Planning Inspectorate, has given me inside knowledge of how different councils view loft extensions. Knowing what they will and won’t permit improves your chance of success either in the planning application or appeals process. We offer clients specific advice on the feasibility of a project. Is a loft conversion a good investment? Exploiting the space at the top of your home is always a good idea as this single move releases additional space, takes little expense, and provides big returns on your initial investment. What if a planning application has been refused? The type of property you have will determine the appeal procedure. Appeals are not submitted to the council but to a higher body called The Planning Inspectorate. For example, if you submitted a householder ap