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QMU Entrepreneurship and the Curriculum At QMU both the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum combines theory and practice, providing students with the opportunity to think up great ideas, turn them into business plans, and deliver on new technologies, products, and services. The photographs used in this exhibition formed part of a Photography Practice Module project. Within QMU, our commitment to entrepreneurship prepares students for a variety of career and life experiences. Being an entrepreneur may mean starting your own business, or it may mean working in an existing business. The key is you learn to think like an entrepreneur. QMU programmes are designed to support students to identify and analyse new opportunities, to think creatively, and to be action oriented in order to seize opportunities that add real value to their employability. These skills are important in all types of organisations, from small start- ups to large corporate settings to large public sector organisations like the NHS. QMU was delighted to work with the photographer, QMU student Taja Strle, BA (Hons) Media Year 3, in the curation of this exhibition. Dr Mark Gillham, Media, Communication and Performing Arts said “The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset of how one approaches problems and proposes solutions…Good portrait photography is more about clicking with people than just clicking the camera. Taja shows an instinctive ability to reveal something interesting about her “sitters” giving us some great portraits”. “I have loved working on this project - it was indeed the highlight of this semester. The experience has brought me closer to photography as a field I want to further explore and has challenged me to think more creatively, not to mention connected me to a wide array of interesting people and their stories.”