Our Fund Foundation Community Assessment Report 2020 Final - Page 4



Unique LGBT + community health risks and disparities include the following :
LGBT Youth
LGBT Individuals
LGBT Elderly Lesbians Lesbians & Bisexual Females Gay Men
Are 2 to 3 X more likely to attempt suicide and more likely to be homeless
Experience high levels of stress
Smoke more and consume more alcohol than the general population
Misuse of substances at the rate of 20 % to 30 % compared to 9 % in the general population
Are frequently isolated Are less likely to get preventive services Are more likely to be overweight
Are at higher risk for HIV and other STDs , especially in communities of color
Transgender Individuals Have a high prevalence of HIV , STDs , mental health issues , victimization , and suicide
LGBT + Community
Less likely to have health insurance Lacks culturally competent services and providers
Lesbians High rates of breast and cervical cancer ; Low income ; High rates of depression , anxiety , and substance misuse ; Domestic violence ; Obesity and lack of exercise
Gay Men Depression , anxiety , and suicide ; High rates of HIV and other STDs ; Eating disorders and body image concerns ; Substance misuse
Bisexual People Mental health and suicide ; Eating disorders and body image concerns ; Substance misuse ; Cancer ; HIV and other STDs
Transgender Individuals Cancer ; Mental health ; Substance misuse ; Lack of health insurance ; Lack of access to special health services including hormones and surgery ; HIV and STDs ; Low levels of employment and income ; Inadequate housing ; Lack of culturally competent providers ; Violence
LGBT + Youth Bullying and violence prevention ; Homelessness ; Substance misuse ; Low levels of formal education and job training ; Inadequate disease prevention especially for HIV and other STDs ; Lack of culturally appropriate sex education
LGBT + Elders Social isolation ; Low income ; Elder abuse , both physical and financial ; Hiding sexual orientation from service providers ; Need for health monitoring and maintenance
LGBT + People of Color Systemic racism ; Stress leading to mental health issues ; Very high rates of HIV and other STDs ; Low income and unemployment ; Poor housing ; Very low rates of health insurance ; Reduced access to health care and preventive health screenings