Our Fund Foundation Community Assessment Report 2020 Final - Page 2

2 For those who may not yet know us , Our Fund Foundation was established in 2011 and has since grown into the third largest Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual and Transgender ( LGBT +) foundation in the nation . As
FOUNDATION South Florida ’ s only LGBT + community foundation , Our Fund promotes a culture of philanthropy by supporting causes within the LGBT + community and uniting donors with organizations advancing LGBT + issues in Broward , Miami-Dade , and Palm Beach counties .
With an enlightened approach , Our Fund seeks to improve the quality of life for the local LGBT + population through responsive , relevant , and impactful philanthropy and grantmaking .
David Jobin President & CEO
In order to assure that we fully understand current LGBT + population needs and priorities in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties , in 2020 , Our Fund engaged Group Victory LLC , an independent external consulting firm , to conduct LGBT + community assessment research in Broward and Miami-Dade counties . This assessment examined the needs and priorities of the local LGBT + population and prepared a report of findings to assist the Foundation with strategic planning , engagement , and grantmaking for the next five years .
It was reassuring to learn that many of the report ’ s findings confirm what we know and support the effectiveness of the work we have done and continue to do . Equally important is the input we received about critical challenges facing the LGBT + community and requiring our immediate attention . Working with organizations and donors who care , Our Fund is determined to identify and activate essential solutions .
With this road map to guide us , we will stay at the forefront of vital issues confronting LGBT + individuals .
Table of Contents
3 Our Fund Foundation is a valuable LGBT + community resource
Health promotion across the lifespan of priority populations
4 Unique LGBT + community health risks and disparities
5 Issues of equality and social justice impact LGBT + individuals and must be addressed
Targeted arts and culture funding is needed
General operating , capacity building and multi-year grants are needed
6 The time is right for capacity building investment to expand functions
7 Invest in evaluation , reporting , and accountability
Give donors options to fund innovation , operations , capital , capacity building or accountability , according to their philanthropic passions
8 Assessment Participant Profiles
9 LGBT + Community Demographics
10 County favorability ratings for LGBT + population Current Funded Services
11 Comparison of LGBT + service organizations
12 Our Fund Foundation Grantmaking
13 LGBT + community ranking of Our Fund Foundation grantmaking priorities
Depth of Research
14 Respondent Diversity
15 Alignment with secondary data analysis
16 Other relevant considerations Methodology
17 Sources and Resources