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EDMONTON VALLEY ZOO The zoo is home to more than 350 exotic , endangered , and native animal species , including seals , foxes and otters in the awardwinning Arctic Shores exhibit , which allows guests to get up close while participating in educational programs related to climate change and conservation . The zoo is also a Polar Bears International Arctic Ambassador Centre that works to inform , inspire and empower visitors to take steps to reduce CO 2 for the conservation of polar bear habitats affected by global warming . Visitors will also discover daily interpretive presentations , as well as a Little Children ’ s Zoo , café and gift shop . Open yearround . Check the website for hours , admission , and memberships . 13315 Buena Vista Road , 780-442-5311 . valleyzoo . ca
ELK ISLAND NATIONAL PARK Elk Island National Park , Canada ’ s first federal wildlife sanctuary , was established in 1906 to protect elk populations . Today , it is home not only to elk but also to bison , moose , deer and more than 250 species of birds — including trumpeter swans , a threatened species that the park now protects . Though the park is a popular destination for hiking , canoeing , camping and other recreational activities , many visitors come specifically to enjoy and learn about the park ’ s conservation efforts . A Bison Backstage Tour is even available to those who want to learn about all the care and work that goes into maintaining the herds that roam the park . Interpretive signage and plaques can also be found along viewing platforms and common areas . Last , but certainly not least , is Elk Island ’ s team of conservation experts , who work with visitors and behind the scenes to ensure that guests have a safe and inspired visit . Open year-round . Check the website for hours , admission and memberships . 35 km east of Edmonton on Hwy 16 , 780-992-2950 . pc . gc . ca
Edmonton Valley Zoo
Elk Island National Park
region |edmonton & area CONSERVATION INSPIRATION The zoo is home to more than 350 exotic, endangered, and native animal species, including seals, foxes and otters in the award- winning Arctic Shores exhibit, which allows guests to get up close while participating in educa ѥɽɅ́ɕѕѼє)͕مѥQ齼́ͼA) ́%ѕɹѥɍѥͅȁ ɔ)ѡЁݽɭ́Ѽɴɔݕ)٥ͥѽ́Ѽхѕ́ѼɕՍ <ȁȁѡ)͕مѥȁȁх́ѕ)݅ɵYͥѽ́ݥͼ͍ٕȁ)ѕɕѥٔɕ͕хѥ̰́ݕ́1ѱ) ɕéiЁ͡=啅ȴ)ɽչ ѡݕͥєȁ̰ͥ)̸͡ԁ ՕYфI(ȴĸم齼)1,%M199Q%=90AI,)%ͱ9ѥAɬ éЁɅ)ݥͅՅ䰁݅́х͡؁Ѽ)ѽ)Yi()ɽѕЁձѥ̸Q䰁Ё́)ѼЁͼѼͽ͔ȁ)ɔѡ́ɑϊQՑ)յѕȁ̰݅ѡɕѕ́ѡЁѡ)ɬ܁ɽѕ̸Q՝ѡɬ́ձ)ѥѥȁ)ѡȁɕɕѥѥ٥ѥ̰٥ͥѽ́)Ѽ䁅ɸЁѡɯe)͕مѥ̸ ͽ хQȁ)ٕمѼѡ͔ݡ݅ЁѼɸ)ѡɔݽɬѡЁ́Ѽх)ѡɑ́ѡЁɽѡɬ%ѕɕѥٔ)ͥՕ́ͼչ)٥ݥљɵ́ɕ̸1а)Ёх䁹Ёа́%ͱéѕ)͕مѥ̰ݡݽɬݥѠ٥ͥѽ)ѡ͍́ѼɔѡЁՕ)ٔͅɕ٥ͥи=啅ȵɽչ) ѡݕͥєȁ̰ͥ)̸͡ԁЁѽ!(ذȴ)%ͱ)9ѥAɬ)5=9Q=8Y11di=