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It may take a village to raise a child , but in Edgerton , the same can be said of opening a brewery . In fact , when it came time to raise capital , so many of the village ’ s 400 residents invested that Ribstone Creek can truly be called a locally owned business . It ’ s that same community spirit that inspired the brewery ’ s location — Mel ’ s Motors , a former tractor dealership on main street , where farmers would gather to drink coffee and solve the world ’ s problems . After renovating and fine-tuning the recipe for their flagship
Ribstone Creek Lager , the brewery began full-scale beer production in the fall of 2012 . Seven beers have since been added , and the space is , once again , a community hub where people can connect over pints with friends .
Specialty of the House : A summertime must is a Great White Combine , a hybrid mix between a Belgium Wit ( wheat beer ) and an American IPA , bursting with aromas of tropical fruit and subtle Belgian spice . The flavour is grapefruitforward with a clean , spicy , dry finish .
Perfect Pairing : As any beer-lover will tell you , the perfect pairing for any cold brew is summer itself . Add your favourite spicy takeout , and enjoy .
Tours & Tastings : Visit the taproom for Edgerton Exclusives , which are brews available only on tap at the brewery . It ’ s a great way to taste what the brewers are working on and an opportunity to have your say ! Taproom hours : Fridays 2-5 pm and Saturdays 11 am - 4 pm . Visit the website to book special events , private tastings , and tours . 4924-51 St , Edgerton . 780-755-3008 . ribstonecreekbrewery . ca
Strathcona Spirits is the first distillery in Edmonton . Ever . And they are currently also the smallest distillery in North America , working out of a tiny boomtown building in Old Strathcona making small-batch gin and vodka . It began with Adam Smith ' s growing fascination in distilling , aging spirits , and local flora , which eventually evolved into deep knowledge and passion . They seek to embody the essence of Alberta by using locally farmed and foraged grains and botanicals — some of which can be found only kilometres from the facility .
Specialty of the House : Their barrelaged gin is new and perfect for both gin and whiskey lovers . It ’ s smokey , oaky , and slowdistilled — a whiskey drinker ’ s botanical dream .
Perfect Pairing : Enjoy on its own or in a gin or whiskey cocktail . Try a Smoky Negroni , White Negroni , or an Old Fashioned . You can find suggested recipes on their website !
Tours & Tastings : Book online to tour this small but impressive facility , and learn about the stills , process , unique ingredients , and the history of the city ’ s first distillery . Tours available Fridays 3-6 pm and Saturdays 12-5 pm . 10122-81 Ave , Edmonton . strathconaspirits . ca
RIBSTONE CREEK BREWERY It may take a village to raise a child, but in Edgerton, the same can be said of opening a brewery. In fact, when it came time to raise capital, so many of the village’s 400 residents invested that Ribstone Creek can truly be called a locally owned business. It’s that same community spirit that inspired the b &WvW'( 26F( BV( 2F'2f&W G&7F"FVW'67G&VWBvW&Pf&W'2vVBvFW"FG&6ffVR@6fRFRv&N( 2&&V2gFW"&VfFpBfRGVrFR&V6Rf"FV"fw6&'7FR7&VVvW"FR'&WvW'&VvgV66R&VW"&GV7FFRfb#"6WfV&VW'2fR66R&VVFFVBBFP76R26Rv6VGV"vW&PVR66V7BfW"G2vFg&VG27V6GbFRW6S7VW'FRW7B0w&VBvFR6&R'&B֗&WGvVV&VvVvBvVB&VW"BW&6क'W'7FrvF&2bG&6g'VB@7V'FR&Vv76RFRffW"2w&Vg'VBЦf'v&BvF6V77G'f6W&fV7B&s2&VW"fW vFVRFRW&fV7B&pf"6B'&Wr27VW"G6VbFBW"ffW&FR77FVWBBVFW'2bF7Fw3f6BFPF&f"VFvW'FW6W6fW2v6&R'&Ww2f&RǐFBFR'&WvW'N( 2w&VBvFF7FRvBFP'&WvW'2&Rv&rB'GVGFfRW"6F&W'3g&F2"RЦB6GW&F2Bf6BFRvV'6FRF&7V6WfVG2&fFRF7Fw2@FW'2C#BS7BVFvW'FssSR3&'7FV7&VV'&WvW'65E$D45$E07G&F67&G22FRf'7BF7FW'VFFWfW"BFW&R7W'&VFǒ6FP6W7BF7FW''FW&6v&r[email protected]bF&Fv'VFrB7G&F6r6&F6vBfFB&VvvFF6֗Fw2w&vrf66FF7FƖrvr7&G2B6f&v6WfVGVǐWffVBFFVWvVFvRB76FW6VVFV&GFRW76V6Rb&W'F'W6p6ǒf&VBBf&vVBw&2B&F60( B6Rbv66&RfVBǒWG&W0g&FRf6ƗG7V6GbFRW6SFV"&'&VЦvVBv2WrBW&fV7Bf"&FvBv6WfW'2N( 26WB6rЦF7FVB( Bv6WG&W.( 0&F6G&VW&fV7B&sVG2v"v v6W66FG'6Vw&vFPVw&"Bf6VBR6f@7VvvW7FVB&V6W2FV"vV'6FRFW'2bF7Fw3&ƖRFFW"F26'WB&W76fRf6ƗGBV&&WBFR7F2&6W72VVRw&VFVG2BFR7F'`FR6G( 2f'7BF7FW'FW'2f&Rg&F02bB6GW&F2"R#"ӃfRVFF7G&F67&G26