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BOARD MEMBER SPOTLIGHT Alice Barbara Rankin Q. Full Name A. Alice Barbara Rankin Q. Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? A. I grew up in Unalaska, Alaska and that is where I currently live. Q. Children, family? A. I have two children, both adults now. Denise M. Rankin lives in Unalaska, and works for the Ounalashka Corporation as the Lease Manager. Brian D. Rankin also lives in Unalaska and works for the City of Unalaska as an equipment operator. I have two grand daughters, Abbygale Jensen and Sasha Rankin. My extended family is larger. I have two sisters remaining from my mothers’s seven children with numerous nephews, nieces and cousins. I have also many cousins on my fathers side. Q. Do you practice subsistence or other traditions? A. Yes, although my subsistence is limited to berry picking due to my age and limited mobility. My son very willingly shares whatever subsistence he catches, as in fish and crab. We do participate in the Russian Orthodox traditions such as Starring, and observing the two Christmases and two Easter’s. We make kulich at Easter, fried bread, fish pie, and jams and jellies. Q. How long have you served on the OC Board? A. I was appointed to the OC board in the autumn of 1986, and have served continuously since then. Q. What is your role on the board? A. I am currently serving as the Vice President. I served 19 years as the Chairman. Q. What do you think the Boards role is? A. I believe that the board’s role is to represent all of the shareholders. Our second role is to develop and set policies for the efficient management of the company and to provide its continuous growth and profitability. Our third role is to hire effective, capable and honest management to run the day-to-day operations of the organization, which is not the board’s job whatsoever. Q. What are the Boards goals? What are your goals? A. For the past several years the board has held planning sessions annually where short and long-term goals for the board and management are agreed upon. We agreed that a land-use plan was needed to focus on multi-family housing, CEO succession, improve shareholder relations and set directives for management. Some of these goals were met during 3 OC’S FEBRUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER 2018, and we will meet in March in Anchorage to discuss new goals and get an update on those not accomplished. My goals? I would like to see OC continue to grow and prosper. I would like to see OC become the envy of ANCs due to its efficient smooth and effective operations. I would also like to see future boards be those who were able to graduate from good colleges because of assistance from the Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship Foundation. Don’t get me wrong, a college degree doesn’t guarantee that you are smart or have common sense. My mother was only able to go to school through the fourth grade, but she was one of the smartest people I’ve known. I just mean that a college degree gives one more tools to use in this digital, global world we find ourselves in. Q. Describe a board success. A. Most critical would be the establishment of the Ounalashka Settlement Trust. Thanks to the shareholders who voted for it, management and professionals who worked hard to make it happen, and the board who worked cohesively on this very important issue. This was a win-win for all involved! Secondly, we have been able to declare dividends quarterly for at least the past 20 years, probably longer. Thirdly, we have avoided making huge mistakes in investments due to great due diligence performed by our management and professional consultants, such as our attorney and our auditors. Q. What would you like to see for OC in the next five years? 10 years? A. This is a hard question. As a fiscal conservative, I would like to see OC continue to grow and be able to transfer more into the Settlement Trust. I would like to see management complete most of our short-term goals, such as the multi-family housing project. I would like to see young shareholders more involved. In 10 years, I would like to see OC be respected not only in Unalaska but statewide, and even nationally for its growth and stability as well as OC being considered a good, outstanding corporate citizen.