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In This Issue Leadership update • From Your Chair • From Your CEO Community • Shareholder Committee Recruiting • Condolences • Where’d They Go? Also Featuring • Board Member Spotlights Brian D. Rankin Alice Barbara Rankin • OC Business Highlight FDOC • Edna P. McCurdy Fund Your Educational Dreams OC’s Shareholder Committee is recruiting The Shareholder Committee is a volunteer program that brings shareholders and board members together quarterly to discuss matters that impact OC and its shareholders. The program is open to all shareholders who want to make a difference in OC’s future! Live outside of Unalaska? Remote participants will join the meetings through a web conferencing program! For more information, visit the OC website, or contact Debra Lukin at dlukin@ounalashka.com 1 OC’S FEBRUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER Continued from cover Q. What is the board’s role in OC’s future? A. To me, the basic job is to listen to shareholders, and assimilate those questions, ideas and suggestions so I can bring them to the board and CEO to discuss the options. I was talking to another shareholder recently, and they had some questions and thoughts about OC’s future. It’s my job to share that information with the rest of the board and CEO. I am encouraging people to reach out to me – I want to be a resource for shareholders! Q. What will your priorities be as a director? A. My first board meeting was Jan 23rd. First, I caught up on what the board is doing currently and familiarized myself with OC’s goals and objectives. Many board members have served as a director for a number of terms, and I want to learn from them and their experience. It’s really a team, with everyone pulling in the same direction. I also want to support sustainable growth for OC, and what we can do as a board to help the corporation be successful long-term. Q. Share a board success! A. I am happy that the settlement trust was set up. The trust is key for long-term sustainability, and it is set up to be very secure and profitable for the generations that come next. The board did a great job getting the trust established, and it’s an example of the work the group does together to benefit shareholders. I also think that the board has helped OC diversify, while making sure we are growing into areas where we can use our experience and be successful. I believe this is important for OC’s stability and the Unalaska economy. The Edna P. McCurdy scholarship is another success. Helping our shareholders and descendants continue their education or training will open up opportunities for them here in Unalaska or anywhere else they go. Q. What would you like the board to focus on? A. In my opinion, one thing to stay aware of is the fishing industry. I was raised here, and I remember when king crab crashed in late 70s, and how hard it hit Unalaska. When the crab wasn’t there, everything changed almost overnight. Things were pretty sparse. OC is diversified enough that if something similar happened again, we could weather the storm, but fishing is still an important part of the Unalaska economy, and I would like to see more involvement at the industry and state levels so we are aware of ups and downs in the market and can be prepared. Many of OC’s leases are a direct result of the fishery, so it’s important for us to have a seat at the table. Q. When will your term be up? A. I was appointed and am serving the remainder of the term that was held by Frederick C. Lekanoff, who sadly passed recently. This term will be up in June 2019, and I plan on running for a seat at that time. Q. What else would you like to say to OC’s shareholders? A. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am excited to help, and a little nervous. I am ready to give something back to my community, to OC and to shareholders. One of my favorite quotes is from JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I like this because it’s about service and being part of something bigger than yourself. I am ready to be part of our corporation’s future and am looking forward to being of service to OC shareholders.