Ounalashka Corp - The Eider Pointer Newsletter_April2020_FINAL

The Eider Pointer News and helpful information for the Ounalashka Corporation community APRIL 2020 Mission Statement To continue as a prosperous corporation through excellence in education and management, to benefit Shareholders thereby strengthening Unangan culture, and to be the premier village corporation. MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR Aang Aang Shareholders, We are in the middle of a strange time here in our Ounalashka community of Unalaska as well as around the state and country. We each have our families that we keep close, and friends to talk to on the phone, but I urge you to remember your extended Unangan family near and far during this crisis and know there is strength there for you to draw on. One of our important Unangan values is family, and family is what will sustain us now. The board and I are working closely together with staff to make sure that OC continues to prosper for the future – for the next generation. We know that we have your support, and your corporation is here for you as we navigate new territory together. Our company is strong, and the industries our clients operate within are resilient. We have an experienced team overseeing our companies, and I am confident that OC’s future is secure. Qagaasakung, Vincent M. Tutiakoff, Sr. Chair Visit www.ounalashka.com to keep up with current News & Events, find answers to questions, and download important forms.