Ou Sralao Lech Primary School Stoked Kobra - Page 9

A local contractor, with whom Child's Dream have successfully implemented other projects in the past was chosen, and was in charge of sourcing all required construction materials, labour and furniture and to transport everything to the site. The contractor was paid in accordance to the progress of construction. As a warranty for the quality of the work, 5% of the total cost is being held back for 6 months.

The construction started on 30 May 2018. During the following months, the Child's Dream project team visited the construction site several times to ensure that high quality standards were being met. The road to the project site is paved and accessible all year round. Construction ran smoothly but was a little challenged due to the heavy rain in the area. End of August 2018 marked the official completion date. The community and the government collaborated in overseeing the construction process and we are all very satisfied with the building progress and the final outcome.