OTWO Magazine May 2024 | Page 12

A note from the creative director Juanjo Trujillo

As the indispensable Shakespeare once said : " There is no darkness but ignorance ".
So there is no point in looking the other way and avoiding recognising that the Earth is in danger . A simple glance at the environmental challenges , and even more appalling , at the possible solutions that are not being implemented , is enough to put us in Munch ' s famous painting and to show solidarity with the person who is crying out .
Our planet faces a number of urgent environmental problems that threaten the well-being of present and future generations . Climate change , pollution , biodiversity loss , resource depletion and land degradation are just some of the challenges we must address to ensure a sustainable future .
Climate change , driven mainly by greenhouse gas emissions , is causing global temperatures to rise , with serious consequences such as sea level rise , extreme weather events , melting glaciers and ocean acidification .
Pollution , in its various forms ( air , water and soil ), affects all living things and disrupts the balance of ecosystems . Human activities , such as industry , transport , agriculture and excessive use of chemicals , are mainly responsible for this problem .
Biodiversity loss , the accelerated disappearance of plant and animal species , is compromising the health of ecosystems and jeopardising food security and the supply of essential resources . Habitat destruction , pollution and climate change are the main drivers of this crisis .
The depletion of natural resources such as water , minerals , fossil fuels and fish , at a rate exceeding their renewal , threatens food security , economic development and social stability .
Soil degradation , loss of fertility and productivity due to erosion , salinisation , pollution and overuse of chemicals , affects the earth ' s ability to sustain life and puts food production at risk .
I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs in a twilight litany , ending with an inevitable and painful question : What can we do ?
But I am incapable of imagining the reduction of fossil fuels , of seeing how renewable energies are being used - without bureaucratic detours and impossibilities - , of making our own , the intelligent communion between the city and public transport , taking the bus , riding a bicycle , reducing the consumption of unnecessary goods , avoiding single-use plastics , participating in voluntary activities and disseminating information about environmental problems . Well , the latter I think we are doing . But the best thing we can do is to remind politicians , government institutions , that a growing class - or perhaps species - of citizens , as my admired Bruno Latour would say , is willing to fight for a battered planet .
And what better way to meet , to dialogue , than sharing knowledge , experiences and pleasures in the next Eco Festival 3 that we are going to celebrate on the 1st and 2nd of June in the Europa Pool facilities . During these days you will be able to attend live music , participate in the World Bicycle Day ride , be amazed by our market of natural and ecological products , visit the most innovative proposals in energy optimisation , taste the exquisite gastronomic proposal that we have prepared for you , and enjoy how your children enjoy themselves with all kinds of playful activities in the swimming pool . Inside this OTWO 58 you will find all the information about this event .
And to finish , I don ' t intend to send you kisses and wishes for peace , as Vanessa , our managing director , who is now finalising all the details of the Eco Festival , usually does . I just ask you to open this magazine and see the devastating content we offer you .
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