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A note from the editor Vanessa Byrne / Managing Director

Welcome to our April edition ! With spring in full bloom , we ' re excited to share the fantastic and exhilarating months ahead with you . This month has been bustling with activity at OTWO , from preparing for the Eco Festival to visiting car-free cities — it has truly been an enlightening experience .
In this month ' s news from page 12 , we share our recent trip to Pontevedra , Europe ' s car-free city , witnessing its remarkable transformation from a polluted , car-dependent area to a vehicle-free haven . Meeting key figures driving this change , we engaged in insightful discussions about their strategies .
Additionally , we highlight the importance of the cycle counter at Bayside Road , revealing crucial usage statistics for this local cycling infrastructure . The government ' s commitment to its Net Zero agenda is evident with the unveiling of the EV Infrastructure Charging Strategy , ensuring accessibility for all .
Across the border , a movement for pedestrianization is gaining momentum . The inaugural seminar , ' Transformation and Good Governance ,' convened leaders advocating for reclaiming spaces for pedestrians . The Mayor of La Linea presented a pedestrianization plan , signaling a shift in leadership goals and fostering optimism for street changes .
Following these crucial updates , delve into our Culture in Green spread on page 22 . Immerse yourself in a plethora of books , films , podcasts , websites , and events focused on environmental issues . This month , I ' m excited to dive into " How to Change Everything " by Naomi Klein and Rebecca Stefoff — a valuable resource offering perspectives on issues and solutions for a more just and sustainable world . I look forward to sharing my thoughts on it in future editions .
Turn to page 26 for our regular statistical data article , DaHabitat , featuring historical and projected greenhouse gas emissions for the waste sector .
Green Gibraltar , spearheaded by Annabelle
Mor-Codali from the Gibraltar Horticultural Society , aims to transform urban spaces into green sanctuaries . Explore her article on page 30 for inspiration on greening up your area .
On page 42 , COAMBA presents an analysis of floods in Spain from 1975 to 2021 , crucial for predicting and mitigating natural disasters in Andalusia .
Trusted Novus Bank shares its vision of becoming the green bank of choice on page 52 , outlining ambitious goals to excel in ESG practices .
Anthony Pitaluga returns with a feature on Weekend Breaks , exploring the art of city exploration . Join him as he recounts his experience in Helsinki ' s city center and historical sites , proving that short weekend breaks can rejuvenate the soul .
Mercedes Versaci delves into cave art from the Paleolithic period on page 68 , offering insights into their significance and interpretation .
We ' re delighted to provide more details about our upcoming 3 rd Eco Festival , set to take place at the beginning of June , aligning with both World Environment Day and World Bicycle Day . Dive into this article to discover what awaits you on this special day : pool competitions , live music , delectable food , engaging workshops , exciting competitions , and a variety of activities for the entire family . It ' s a celebration you won ' t want to miss !
Starting from page 84 , enjoy our regular features , including Owen Wiseman ' s insights on renewable energy in Nature ' s Way , Keith Bensusan ' s Flower of the Month article featuring the Star Jasmine , and a compelling description of life with ASD from Clubhouse minds . If you ' re seeking April activities , be sure to explore our EcoTraveller section for inspiration . Thank you for your unwavering support throughout our OTWO journey .
Peace and Love always .
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