ENVIRONMENT Let’s go plogging! BY SARAH MCMICHAEL As the snow melts in the spring, you can often spot leftover trash along our roads, sidewalks, and trails. How many times have you walked past this trash while out for a walk, run, or jog? Did you pick it up, or leave it on the ground? A new environmentally friendly workout trend is encouraging you to stop and pick up litter during your outdoor exercises. It’s called plogging, and it’s an amazing way to keep our environment and our bodies healthy at the same time. What is plogging? It may have a funny name, but the concept of plogging is simple. Eco-friendly folks head out for a jog, and bring an empty garbage bag to pick up trash along the way. During your jog, you are prepared to pause, and pick up litter as you see it. All you need is: • An empty bag (try using a reusable bag!) • Gloves (again, reusable is best) • Running shoes Did you know: • Plogging can be done on your own or as a group. Either way, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can fill up a bag of trash during a short jog! • Plogging started as a fitness trend in Sweden in 2016. It spread from country to country, and now people all over the world are taking up plogging as a way to get their workout in while taking care of our environment. • The movement of bending over to pick things up works new muscle groups in your body. • For an even better workout, avid ploggers can add in lunges or squats. If you combine this with the cardio exercise of a jog, you’re looking at a great way to stay fit. • Taking your workout outdoors has a myriad of health benefits on its own! • Nature has been proven to be good for our minds and bodies. The Healthy Parks Healthy People BREAKFAST. LUNCH. DINNER 98 Sparks Street, Ottawa 08 | OTTAWAOUTDOORSMONTHLY movement celebrates the positive effect nature has on our health. • Exercise in nature has a more positive effective on blood pressure and mood than exercise in a gym. Contact with nature has also been found to strengthen the immune system, help mitigate disease, and reduce stress levels. • And don’t forget about the mental benefits! Memory performance and attention span also improve 20% after spending just an hour interacting with nature. • Plogging is about something bigger than just getting a workout in. It’s about doing your part to protect our natural environment. • Picking up trash is your way to turn an everyday jog into an interactive opportunity to give back to these valuable ecosystems. Cleaning up garbage also keeps it away from our wildlife, preventing dangerous repercussions for them. • Make sure you document your plogging efforts online with #plogging! Happy trails! Look for more great articles and blogs here: